weekend in Mexico

More dances in one night than my entire life

Yes, I was in Mexico for a week but it was more like the weekend in Mexico city. I was working from home and studying for an exam for the most part so during the week, I was mostly indoor and did not get to take in the city. I only stepped out of my airbnb twice and on both occasions, I went to get me something to eat nearby.

Weekend in mexico

Although I had mentioned in my last post that I felt like a traveller one again in Mexico, I guess it was from the fact that I hadn’t really travelled my style in a bit. Usually, I would find locals to discover the city with but my experience in Mexico City were mostly by professionals. I used Airbnb experiences for the first time in Mexico City and I totally enjoyed it.

On Friday and Saturday, I discovered the city.

  1. I took the hop on hop off bus

I have never taken one of those, I have always considered it cheesy and touristic but I had no choice. It was really the best way to see the city in the little time that I had and I actually did not make the most of it. I think Turibus goes in about 4 directions but I only got on 2 and got off only twice.

2. Went Salsa Dancing

Warning: If you are not ready to dance, do not go to a Mexican party! Absolutely do not! Little did I know that I was going to break a personal record on this night out. I had tried Salsa a number of times sporadically in Nigeria but I never got around to getting a good grasp. I have always been and probably will always be an awkward dancer. I took a beginners class again and the rest of the night was dance galore. Class was in Spanish so I mostly struggled. I was bored at one point but the rest of the nice was lit. I was asked for a dance more times in one night than I have in my entire life. I said ‘No’ to more men in one night that in by about twenty seven years. I was a terrible dancer and I wondered why the guys even put up with me in the first time. And the ones that kept coming back.

3. Bar Hopping & Cocktail Tasting

This I would say was on of the highlights of my trips in Mexico City. I headed out to exclusive spots in Mexico and had a great time’. I tried cocktails from some of the best bars in the world, uniquely crafted and [.]. Our host made sure we had

‘Loved that each cocktail was unique and had a story to it’

Weekend in Mexico

Four Seasons Mexico!

4. Making Quesadilla

I am all into learning new things and learning some more. Learning something new is one of my top things to do in a new city and I am glad I went on this experience. It involved a bit of grinding that my feeble fingers couldn’t handle but I got all the help that I needed. I learnt from scratch and felt proud. No over the shelf or counter products. Just me doing all bad by my self from scratch to finish. From the tortilla bread, to the pepper to the cheese, home made by yours truly. I was so engrossed that I had blog picture. I have some insta videos on my highlights that you should totally checkout here.


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