traveling during covid 19

How Air Travel Will Be Different post COVID-19

Ever since the initial spread of COVID 19, everyone around the globe has been forced to make changes to their normal routines. The pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the way we conduct our everyday lives, from the way we get our groceries to the way we interact with each other. Gone are the days where we would introduce ourselves with a friendly handshake, as we now carry hand sanitizer in our pockets and walk around public spaces wearing masks.


COVID 19 has shaken up what we consider “normal,” and there is a good chance the lessons we have learned about the spread of the virus will continue for many months, and perhaps years, to come. As we learn to adapt to this new way of life, we will see new protocols and safety measures put into place. And air travel is one major area where you will certainly notice these new practices.

 traveling during Covid 19

In fact, we were curious as to what we might be able to expect at airports and in airplanes post-COVID 19, so we turned to some experts in the travel and health industry. Between increased security measures before boarding your flight to a shift in the kinds of travel and ways we travel, these experts provided us with some educated insight into how air travel will be different post-pandemic.

Increased Security Measures

Many experts agree that the new security measures at the airport are going to be one major place where you will begin to see changes.

Shelley Rempe of Concierge Travel explained, “We can expect additional screenings, which will increase security lines. These screens could include being questioned as to where we have traveled and how long ago to if we have had the virus and if we have fully recovered from it.”

Also, so far, one airline has already announced the introduction of temperature testing for all passengers before boarding. Rempe said, “If that passenger has a temperature over a certain degree, they will be retested 10 minutes later to see if it has gone down to a normal range. If the second test is within the normal range, they will be allowed to travel. If it is not, they will be required to reschedule their trip.”

New Safety and Sanitation Protocols

New in-flight safety practices are another post-COVID 19 change you can expect while flying, according to Alex Miller of, a business dedicated to educating travelers on the benefits of credit card points and miles. Miller believes physical distancing is going to continue to be stressed, along with the use of hand sanitizer. He said, “Expect routine announcements in PA announcements and safety videos about washing hands, using masks, etc. to continue to promote health and safety.”

traveling during covid 19

Miller also pointed out that we may see some changes in the way we receive in-flight service. “Instead of a flight attendant offering a glass of Coke, you may be given the can. Meals may be boxed or wrapped. There’ll be extra precautions to inflight service to protect the health of customers.”

Alex Wilcox, CEO of private travel company JSX, agrees that sanitation protocols will be a major component, from an increase in the number of crewmembers cleaning the aircraft to complimentary hand sanitizer stations at airports and on flights. He also believes “touchless service” will become a common practice to reduce the amount of contact between people and the potential spread of germs.

Increased Focus on Domestic Travel

Because the nation has been under lockdown, people are eager to begin traveling again. However, there has been a noticeable shift in their travel habits. Instead of grand international adventures, people are more inclined to stay closer to home and travel domestically.

Nicolas S. Bergengruen, co-founder and CMBDO of Jubel, an online travel planner platform, explained, “In the U.S specifically, our main target market, the sentiment is to enjoy the many national parks, interesting cities, the desert, or the coasts that have had some room to
breathe during this pandemic and are ready to be explored responsibly, rather than going abroad with still so much relative uncertainty.”

A Shift From Commercial Flights to Business Charters

Another interesting factor experts are beginning to notice is the role private charters are going to play in restarting the economy, particularly in the way business leaders are going to choose to travel moving forward. Some believe travelers are going to be inclined to turn to private jet options over the more crowded, commercial alternative. This trend predicts an increase in private jet travelers who may have never previously flown private.

While we may experience new trends and changes in a post-COVID 19 world, we can still continue to travel, but we just must do so safely. “The world’s airlines will need to make a seismic shift in the way they operate during this pandemic. I recommend a very slow and cautious return
to flying with the following changes,” said Dr. Omerine Aseh, MD, board-certified family medicine physician, emotional recovery coach, and global speaker. As the experts above mentioned, Dr. Omerine stresses the importance of masks, temperature checks, and changes to in-flight service.

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