Life Moves Fast! Ensure your decisions are yours!

When I look back, I want to be sure that at every point , I made the choice that shapes the course of my life. It was mine to make and I did it for me. Call it selfish but I know why. So when the repercussions come you did it for you. You put yourself first. No one else is to blame.


When it comes to it. When the decisions are tough. They will choose themselves first. It’s human nature. It’s ‘me’ before ‘us’. It’s highly unlikely that they would be selfless. So when they decide to make a choice. When they decide to, you’d have nothing to lose. It hurt still but you’d be prepared. You would know that no one helped in making the choices that go to the root of your life.

Your decisions are yours, you didn’t make them for anyone. Yours!


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