Mexico was more than I hoped it would be.

I doubt I have really had Mexico on my mind. Thinking about it again, maybe. I had seen pictures of Tulum and Cancun on the gram so yeah! I probably had given it a long distance maybe someday thought but then it happened. Mexico Happened! It was all too swift but I’m glad I did it and would definitely do it again.

Mexico was more of a work related trip than just travel. I had the option to travel anywhere really but I opted for Mexico. It was the closest option really so why not. I was in Houston for Atim’s surprise birthday and Mexico was 2 hours away so. I flew United Airlines, except for an unhelpful attendant, it was pretty ok.


Mexico gave me the feeling of what it felt like to be a traveler once again. The nostalgia all came back. The unpredictability of travel, travelling solo, heading to a new place where I knew absolutely no one was thrilling once again. I’ve traveled the US quite a bit, I’m not counting but I should have been to over 10different states and about 15 different cities and it’s never as close. My US travels have a touristy feel to them which is not really me or my style of travel.

I totally loved my time in Mexico City. It was great to see people randomly offer help again without asking. I loved the confusion of getting lost and not being able to find the exit right from the airport. Struggling and gesturing to communicate because all I know in Spanish is Hola, Comosta and Gracias was thrilling. I laughed at my silliness anytime I fiddled with google translate when my gestures failed.


I was in Mexico for a week but was pretty much indoor and preoccupied with work but I was able to get out for a bit when the weekend came. I was happy to have a balcony once again (My apartment building in the US doesn’t have one). I would constantly step out to watch what was going on in the neighborhood 3 floors beneath me.

I was greatful for street food, plain excited to be learning new things and meeting new people including a woman who could instantly tell that I could speak French, I don’t know how. I was happy to be traveling again and excited to be warding off constant messages from friends and family about safety.

I would totally be heading back to Mexico!

Maybe Tulum or Cancun but memories of Mexico City will forever linger.

Amor y Luz.


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