myrtle beach

I discovered a new way to travel for free!!!

Want to travel for free?

It was my sister’s wedding this weekend and I had to head out to Chicago! I traveled on Spirit like I almost usually do, unless of course I get a better deal. My itinerary was BWI – MYR – ORD. Thus I was flying from Maryland to Chicago through Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Travel for free

I have missed several flights šŸ˜„ but never a connecting one. On this trip, I missed my connecting flight. I went to get food and got back to the boarding gate. I realized it was a bit crowded and decided to sit at a nearby gate. Your guess is as good as mine šŸ˜€. I had my AirPods on which I hadn’t used in months and that was the beginning of the end of my trip for the day.

myrtle beach

I had recently started listening to Duolingo French podcasts again after a while and got carried away. Apparently, my name had been called several times. 10 minutes to departure, I stood up and walked to my gate only to see the plane backing out. I had missed it. The flight left earlier than scheduled. The next flight was in 5 hours and I was going to be arriving Chicago quite late morning. This was not an option.

I had transited through MYR on my way to Chicago several times, I have had friends tell me they were heading to South Carolina but never given a thought to actually visiting. I thought this might just be it. I checked hotels close to the airport and I found a cheap one for about $62, my Rideshare to Airport will cost about $10, Rescheduling my flight was free. I did a rough estimate and realized it would cost less than $100 to see South Carolina and I took it.

travel for free

I asked if I could be scheduled for the following afternoon. There was really no rush. it was a Thursday Afternoon, my sister’s wedding was on Saturday. There was no harm spending a little less than 24hours in South Carolina. It all worked together and turned out fine. My hotel was less than 2 minute away from the beach front. There was a food place directly opposite and Walmart was 9minutes away.

Travel for free

My time in Myrtle beach was short and sweet. I watched the sunset and the sunrise and my new discovery will definitely serve me. šŸ„‚ to intentionally missing flights and making the best use of the opportunity. Don’t say I did not help you travel for free šŸ˜‰.

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