7 Months too Long – Life, Business and Travel

Hey Guys! Anuoluwapo Eunice here 😆

It has been 7 long months and almost 2years of inconsistent posts. Life happens! There has been highs, lows, moderates but still all fun. I have been traveling no doubts but my instagram has seen more updates than my blog. Mexico City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Arizona, Houston, Dallas and a lot more. If you don’t follow me on there you should already do! Running a business, getting accustomed to life after grad school and Covid have all taken a toll on my blog. I am currently focused building Sidebrief Africa and you should totally check it out. Tell them over there you spoke to A.E and you just might get a discount. 😀

Anuoluwapo Eunice

Amidst the tens of things that I have to do, I thought to drop in here and, kinda check a box, let y’all know that Finding A.E still exists although I think I am getting closer to finding me. Next phase might be discovering A.E and all there is to me outside of travel. I gotta go now but will definitely find time to be back.

I miss it here.

I miss taking blog photos.

I miss posting.

I miss the engagement

I miss YOU!

❤️ Anuoluwapo Eunice

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