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I constantly get emails and comments on my blogpost on learning French and apart from my E-book which is really not a substantive way to learn French but an additional supplement,  I thought to help people out there who are looking to learn French by providing online classes. Learn French Online in Lagos!!!

Learn French Online in Lagos

The current health situation has changed the way we do things and organizations are rethinking the logic of having brick and motar structures and spending millions annually in rent. These changes are not restricted to the world of work. The learning environment is consistently adapting and classes are now being taken online.

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Learn French Online is a response to this current situation. It is a platform that connects students looking to learn french with teachers. Classes are affordable and learning materials will be shipped out to learners through contactless delivery.

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What is the best way to learn French Online?

There are several applications and websites such as Babel, Duolingo, Buzuu and a host of others that help language enthusiast learn a second language. What I have however noticed is that these applications although quite useful cannot replace the experience of an actual teacher. Also, they are focused more on theory than the actual practice. The opportunity to have a one on one language immersion experience is almost non-existent and more often than not, most people who use them are better at reading and maybe writing than actually expressing themselves in the French language. I would say the best way to learn French Online is to join French online in Lagos.


WhatsApp Image 2020-10-14 at 4.03.46 PMHow can I learn French by myself?

Learning French or a new language or even anything at that requires a level of dedication. This dedication is required whether you are learning online or taking in person classes. All that is required to learn French yourself is dedication.

How long does it take to learn French online?

To gain a conversational mastery of the language, I would recommend consistent classes for 9 months, at this point, you would have attained a B1 or a B2 level.

Learn French online with Native Speakers

Learn French online would purely have French native teachers which will help you gain mastery of the language.

Where Can I learn French in Lagos ?

There are several quite a number of French schools in Lagos

  1. Learn French Online
  2. Alliance Français
  3. Easy school of Languages
  4. Institut Français 
  5. French Village Badagry

Where Can I study French in Nigeria?

These organizations have French classes mostly in Lagos but with learn French online. Participants can join classes from any location across Nigeria.

French tutors in Lagos

Tutors that will be taking Learn French Online are tutors that have had experience teaching French for a minimum of 5years. They have successfully tutored students that have successfully taken exams such as DELF, DALD, TEF, TEF CANADA, TCF, TFAQetc.

Learn French Online Lagos

If you want to learn French online in lagos or any part of Nigeria then you are in the right place. Send me an email olopadeanu@gmail.com or a Whats App Message

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