Beaches, Bliss and a Birthday Celebration in Cancun

Remember when I said that I would totally be heading back to Mexico and when I said I had Cancun on my list, well I did! It was my birthday and I just couldn’t think of what to do. I figured I had never travelled internationally purposely to celebrate anything and thought this should be it. I did not want to go anywhere far away so Cancun, Mexico or San Juan, Puerto Rico were my options. I put up a post on my Instagram asking my followers to vote and viola Cancun, Mexico it was just by a narrow margin.

Birthday in Cancun Mexico

I flew Spirit Airlines for about $180 on my birthday morning half expecting that someone will notice it was my birthday and I will probably get a birthday announcement from the captain which would have been the highlight but nothing. I think I watch one too many movies. I guess life isnt that magical. Wishes don’t always come true. Anyways, Cancun was a pretty cool. I wouldn’t say it was a blast, but overall my experience was good.


Ahead of my travel, I had looked online for birthday dinner options and found Rosa Negra and I can tell you right now that this was the highlight of my stay in Cancun, the crowd was classy and hip at the same time, dinner was great, music was cool and most importantly the atmosphere was vibrant. I totally enjoyed the fireshow and fireworks were . If I am ever in Cancun again, I would definitely be heading back.

The experience made up for my 1hr 30mins drive, I know right. The drive should not have taken that long. On a good day, it’s a 30mins drive from downtown Cancun where my Airbnb was located to the Hotel zone where the restaurant is, silly me left my heels at home and had to head back home and make the trip back out. Of all days right? I just had to head back, slippers and a silk dress don’t just go together especially on a day like this.


The rest of my time in Cancun was spent taking photos on the beach and I mean that literally. I didn’t get to do any of the other touristy things Cancun is known for, did not visit no cenotes, did not head out to Tulum, did not see the and also did not do any of the amazing stuff I had read on this blog. I had planned to meet up some Couchsurfers but did not get the opportunity to. My time was simply too short. I however made friends along the way.

Playa Delfines

Cancun was a Thursday – Saturday trip. However, I got to visit 2 beaches which I quite recommend. Playa Delfines and Playa Norte, 😉 I learnt a new word Playa Delfines has the Cancun sign and the pictures from the top are pretty nice. I would however not recommend swimming, waves are on the high side and there was quite a bit of sea weed while I was there. Playa Norte was however quite the opposite, it was pretty calm, swimmable and free of weed. One thing I missed was a stretch of white sand just before the water. I felt the water was a tad bit too close to the shores. Asides that, it was perfect.

Playa Norte is located on an Island 20minutes off Cancun and only accessible by ferry. I rented a golf cart around the Island which was quite handy however parking can be a hassle.If you are heading to the Island just for the beach and carrying nothing heavy, I will recommend that you take a 15minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

I would like to describe my time in Cancun as Short and Sweet but the phrase is not quite it. Cancun was more expensive than I thought. Mexico city was quite affordable and I thought it would be the same in Cancun. I was wrong. American tourists and ‘Spring Breakers’ have ruined it. Most places have prices quoted in United State Dollars. I had yearned to head back to Mexico because I thought my USD would go far just like in Mexico City. I was wrong. A street side burger costed $5 each and to refuel a half full tank costed $25.

I want to say I will head back to Cancun but I’m not sure, probably, most likely, maybe if its a free trip but for now, I think I will rather see another country. I have a bunch not too far away on my list Puerto Rico, Cuba, Panama and Jamaica in that order.

Till then, Ciao Amigos!

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  • Reply Tamie October 9, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    I wanted to go to Mexico last year cos it’s close by and seemed a cheaper travel destination than even some cities here in Canada but C19 happened and that moment passed.
    Maybe some day I might.
    Like the view of the beach. Looks quite serene.

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