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#TuesdayTravelTip – What to take on board your next trip

Summer is here and a lot of us would be traveling to one destination or the other, this travel tip might just be helpful. To make your in-flight experience a great one and to help prevent hassles, here are a few items you should take with you on board your next flight.

Travel Tip


  1. Passport    

Guys! I really do no need to have to explain why you need this, if you’re traveling somewhere within the country, a means of identification will do.

  1. Boarding Pass

Most airlines, collect this when boarding and detach a little stub which is handed over to you, keep this as this is where your seat number is indicated, you might also need this when retrieving your luggage.

  1. Mobile Phone

I bet no one goes on board without this, so I’d save you guys the story.

  1. USB Chord

You might be lucky to be on an airbus which has a port for you to charge your phone. Seeing that you don’t know when next you’d get a socket you might as well use this to juice up your battery.

  1. Headset or Ear Piece

If you prefer to bring in your inflight entertainment on your tablet, phone or I-pod, you’d be needing this.

  1. Snack

If you are really picky when it comes to food. You’d do yourself a lot of good by coming prepared. In-flight meals can be horrible at times.

  1. Business Cards

Who says you can’t network in the sky. Who knows you might meet your next business partner or client in the sky. Take them and share.

      8. Sweaters or Fleece Jacket

Trust me when I say it can get cold up there. If cold bothers you like me, don’t forget to take a sweater or extra clothing on board

  1. Book

If you’re not really into all things digital or don’t want to be embarrassed trying to figure out how to set up the inflight entertainment system on long flights, 2 or 3 hours on a book would come in handy.

If you are going to be in the air for a long haul or have a night flight, the following additional items might come in handy

  1. Travel Pillow

For extra comfort, you might want to take this with you. You really don’t want to wake up after a long flight with a crick in your neck.

  1. Socks

The extra warmth might be useful in case of extreme cold.

  1. Perfume

Let’s all keep it fresh. No need to go into details.

  1. Face wash and Tooth Brush

You might want to have a quick wash after landing. Plus, after sleeping for a few hours, it might be helpful to have a quick brush, spray some breath freshener or chew some mint.

  1. Hair Brush

For the ladies and the guys who love to look sharp. This is a must.


Do you have any other items you take on board? I’d love to know in the comment section.



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  • Reply TRAVELWITHAPEN July 18, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    I take Vaseline or a hand cream and gum in addition to most of the items mentioned above. Really hate my hands being dry

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