Out and About in Kogi State – Top 5 things to do

Hey Guys! Been a lil bit yeah? Not to worry, I’m back. 😀 . My previous posts here, here and here were on what I was up to in Kogi state.

There is a lot of history in Kogi State and if not for my trip, I wouldn’t have known the role Lokoja played in ensuring that Nigeria remains united.

History has it that Lokoja was key in ensuring that Nigeria won the civil war as it was a route used to easily attack the Biafaran formations, hence why Kogi State is the glue that binds us (Nigeria) all together.

Lokoja was the heart beat of trade in the pre and early post colonial era and after the amalgamation  in 1914, the new Governor General, Lord Lugard ruled Nigeria from Lokoja. 

It is the true center of Nigeria, the real bridge between the north and the south.

Wrapping up, I would be giving my top 5things to do if you are ever in Kogi State.

  1. Learn About the People and Culture

I was in Okenne, a transit town in Kogi State for most of my time in Kogi and I got to meet a few individuals who know deeply about the people, their culture and traditions. The Ibiras are mostly in Okene and I learnt quite a bit, how they migrated from Jos, their fabric weaving and a few words of their local language. I also got a gift to take back to Lagos to help learn further.

Mr S.S Salami

Weaving in Kogi State

Kogi State

  1. Try the local food

Groundnut soup is local to Edo state but because of the proximity to Kogi, you’d also find it here and although I didn’t like the look of it, I decided to try it. What was the worst that could happen? Food poisoning I guess. I tried it and I can definitely say that it is not one of the best delicacies I have tasted neither is it one of the worst, being Foodventureous is’nt such a bad idea.

Groundnut Soup

  1. Hike Mount Patti

I’m all for outdoor activities and If you’re passionate about hiking, take time out and checkout the place where central Nigeria was governed from. There you’d experience scenic views of the city of Lokoja, meet the luggards and see the Niger River and Benue confluence.

things to do inkogi

  1. Visit the Cenotaph

When I hear about the World Wars, I never ever think of Nigeria, definitely, Russia, maybe Germany but never even Africa. Apparently Nigerian Soldiers also fought in the World War and we lost some lives hence the memorial. Although the memorial was locked while I was there, however, if you are in Lokoja, do not hesitate to stop by. I’d love to hear stories of the World Wars from the Nigerian perspective.

Cenotaph Lokoja

Cenotaph Lokoja

  1. Visit the confluence

Kogi State is the confluence state and Lokoja is where both river Niger and Benue meet.  You’d be missing on the roots and essence of the state if you do not stop by at the confluence. Also, don’t stop at the visit, take a local boat on the confluence and feel the calm. It is allegedly called the spiritual river that rules Nigeria.


Kogi State borders nine(9) states in Nigeria and is a transit route to sixteen (16) other states including the Federal Capital Territory.

Special shout-out to Victor Chapi, Hope and her husband for helping me accomodating me and helping me navigate  Kogi. Kindly check out Hope on Instagram, she deals in Auto gele and has them at affordable prices.


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  • Reply BD May 3, 2018 at 11:20 pm

    Awesome, glad to know. Keep it up sis??

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      Thanks so much for reading

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    Amazing Post Dear! Thanks a lot for sharing

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      Thanks for taking out time to read Diusor

  • Reply Olufisayo Adeleke December 30, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Hello Anu!!! Gosh I am so glad I met you (online at least??)

    So I am deliberate about exploring Nigeria more in 2019 (want to visit at least 10 states)…and I was planning a Northern Nigeria tour for first quarter this year (after the elections)…Planning on doing Abuja-Niger-Kaduna-Jos-Kogi (in no particular order yet) and was trying to find info to best help me and girl am I glad I met you!

    Your blog is amazing and sooo have no idea…

    I so hope to do a trip with you someday.

    P.S my middle name is Anuoluwapo ✌?✌?✌?

    Have an amazing 2019!

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      Hi Fisayo, I just woke up in the middle of the night to do some work on my blog and comments like yours keep me going. Thanks for taking out time to drop this. All I can do is blush at my screen. I am exited that you are planning to explore Northern Nigeria in 2019, I also have plans to do the same. Who knows we just might be headed out somewhere together namesake. See you in 2019.

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