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I have shared a number of posts previously about the various things I did, the last time, I was in South Africa, this is  an all in one piece and my foot print to how to live your best life when in South Africa. If you are headed there, here are few things to do in South Africa.  Capetown is my favorite city and most of the things on my list will be from Capetown, however, I would have a few in Johannesburg and other cities.

1. Table Mountain

You definitely should not head to South Africa without getting on top of Africa’s New Natural Wonder. If you’re in Cape Town, there is just no reason you should miss it, absolutely none. It is free to hike, however if hiking is not your thing, you should get the Cable Car for R300 or R150 on Friday for students. The views from up there would leave you speechless. It is a must do and if you are not convinced, you totally should check out my post here. Things to do in South Africa

2. Boo-Kaap

If you haven’t seen pictures taken in this colorful neighborhood on your Instagram timeline, you should honestly access the quality of people you follow or maybe you do not just follow accounts that give you the wanderlust vibe. Bo-kaap is a Muslim community with so much history and culture. I recommend you do the Boo-kaap walking tour with Capetown Free Walking Tour, the informative tour handled by a local is one to be at and completely free, however do not forget to tip your guide. Meet up point is Motherland Coffee Company Mandela Rhodes Place, St Georges Mall, Cape Town City Center. Tours are at held at 11:00, 2:00 and 4:30. All you have to do is show up.Things to do in South Africa

3.V and A Waterfront

This is almost my favorite place to be in Cape Town, If I am not somewhere seeking adventure, I am definitely at the V and A Waterfront searching out fun activities to be engaged in. Things to do in South AfricaIt is forever buzzing with music live bands, an array of shopping, stores, restaurants, promotions  and you definitely do not want to miss out on this. Things to do in South AfricaWhether you have per-arranged plans or not, there is always something to do. From shopping the extensive Victoria mall to signing up for a boat cruise charter for just R200, to a ride on the Cape wheel to watching a magician fiddle with cards, if you are lucky, a free face sketch or just like me, my first Virtual reality experience.Nigerian Travel BloggerThings to do in South Africa

Osilama Ibrahim

4.Old Biscuit Mill

In the heart of wood stock just a few minutes by bus or train outside the city center is the Old biscuit mill, its was my favorite neighborhood market in Cape Town. Every Saturdays there are tons of  food and fashion vendors ready to give you a run for your wallets.Things to do in South Africa

5.Hike Lions Head

I hiked Lions head my first time in Capetown and I still relish every moment of it. It is definitely top of my things to do in South Africa, If you cannot hike Table Mountain, you should definitely go for Lions Head.Things to do in South AfricaBe sure to go with friends or just randomly join a group like I did here.Lions Head

6.Visit Two Oceans Aquarium, Take a dive also

If you have been meaning  to tick Scuba Diving off your bucket list, Cape town South Africa is the place to do it, with experienced divers to help you with your first dive step. There is really nothing to be worried about. If the idea of diving among a wide variety of fishes doesn’t sparkle your interest, don’t hesitate to take buy a day pass just to see what the aquarium has to offer. If you are undecided, maybe you should check out my experience here, you just might be convinced.                                                                              findingae (1 of 1)-68


I am all into water sports and I am sure you can already tell, there are various surf spots in Capetown, my favourite being Muizenberg and Table View. If you love trying out new adventures and not afraid of your village people (Nigerian Joke), you should try it out at any of these two beaches. I am working on a blogpost and would link back and share my experience.

8.Stand Up Paddle

This relatively new water sport was not available the last time I was here but I definitely tried it this time, It is 100% safe. Just before your SUP, you will be given a quick lesson to ensure you are fine on your own and off you go, if you cannot swim, you woould be haned a life jacket, slowly slowly and you will master it. Balance is everything in this sport.Travel Blogger in Nigeria

9. Try Paragliding

If adrenaline rush is your thing and you  are looking for a means to get pumped. You should engage in the sport of flying parachutes. It costs about R1150-1300, a video of your flight for an extra R150-300. Prices depends on the company you fly with.findingae (1 of 1)-78

10. Cape Point

This is the southernmost part of the African continent, its really the tip and if you are looking for a day trip out of town, something close to Nature, then the Cape of good hope should have you sorted. Check here for more information.baboon

11. Robben Island

Nobody needs a reason to go to this historical landmark, words cannot describe it. If you don’t already have it on your list of things to do in South Africa, you should probably not be headed there at all. South Africa cannot be told without this place. One of my most engaging post was that on Robben Island.findingae (1 of 1)-75

12. Camps Bay

Want a day by the beach side taking in sights, sound, salt or just some vitamin sea, Camps bay beach is the place to be. Head out there with a lunch box and have a little picnic or just grab something to eat from one of the many resturants on the coastal line. There are usually quite a bunch of people here but it isn’t over crowded. If you want a more secluded place, you might want to head further down to Clifton or Hout Bay.camps bay

13. Hout Bay

If you want to have the best Fish and Chips you will find in Cape Town and maybe in South Africa, headout to Marina’s Wharf at Hout Bay, you will get a nice box for R75. While you are there, you might want to join one of the boat carters to see seal island or if biking is your thing reach out Mhinti of Mhinti Tours, for $25 or about R325 you can take a Township tour of South Africa’s poorest locations or a ride on an E-bike while taking in scenery from one of the most amazing road stretch in the world.

Mhinti Tours

If you are in Johannesburg and want to get a chance to live your best life, try out the following activities

14. Lion Park Safari

If you are looking at spotting the Big 5 at an affordable price, be sure to head out to Lions Park. Join in on the Safari Truck, do a self drive or hire a car and a driver to take you out there just like I did.

Nigerian Travel Blogger

15. Gold Reef City

Do you like the idea of slots and Gaming machines? Are you a born gambler? Do you want Vegas in Joburg or just looking to make extra money at the tables . Check out Gold Reef City, you will absolutely love it.South Africa

16. Monte Casino

If you just want to have fun playing games in Johannesburg Monte Casino is the place to be.


Other places to checkout include

  1. Ushaka Marine World in Durban
  2. Sun City In Joburg
  3. Bungee Jumping at Chaf Pozi in Soweto

S.A has got a lot to offer and even if you were there over and over again, you would still find new things to  do in South Africa. Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comment session.

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    Nice works. Cape Town is such a lovely place. You can’t finish exploring in one trip, you’d have to come back. ?

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      Totally agree. Tourism products well harnessed.

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      Thanks! Definitely true! One trip cannot just cut it

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      I totally agree! Too awesome!

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