Up and About Roaming the streets of London

London was probably one of the shortest travels I have done, however I still tried to squeeze in quite a bit of activities in between. Here are my some of the top things to do in London

  1. Do a stadium Tour

Europe is the epicenter of football and London is home to my favorite team and there is no need telling you that Stamford bridge was my first stop. My support for Chelsea has been for over 10 years and counting and it was definitely a bucket list item to see a life match however Corona virus made that impossible. I however did a stadium tour and loved every bit of it. I definitely recommend if you are a Chelsea fan.

Things to do in London

Things to do in London

Things to do in London

2. Go see the disappointment that is London Bridge and then Tower Bridge

Growing up, I sang songs and rhymes about the London bridge and its falling down. I had clear and vivid imaginations of how huge and mighty the London bridge only to be met with the plainest bridge ever. I was however delighted that the Tower bridge an architectural masterpiece was within walking distance and made up for my time.

Things to do in London


3. Take a Picture with the London Telephone Booth

If you do not take a photo with one of the iconic London red telephone booths, tell me, were you ever in London? #NuffSaid


4. London Eye

If you have £31 Pounds to spare, definitely go up the London eye and check out amazing sites of London from 443′ in the sky. Save a few bucks by ordering your passes online here. If you want to be like me, a simple photo on the other side across river Thames will be lovely.

London Eye Tickets

4. Get a piercing at Camden

I have always wanted to get a nose ring and I did it at Camden, popular for street art and piercing, buzzing Night live Camden Town is a place to visit. The Camden market is  particularly buzzing with activities, you can also get quite a variety of London themed souvenirs.

Camden Piercing

5. Visit the Royals

I wanted to do a tour of the Buckingham palace but tours are not available all year long. I however made it to the palace and took my own photo in front of the royal gates, who knows, someday I might be Royal.


7. Catch up with friends

Every Nigerian has a relative or friend in London and I am not even exaggerating, so while you are there don’t forget to catch up. I met up friends and family whom I hadn’t seen in years. I also met extended family that I had never met. This was really exciting and definitely one of the major highlights of my trip.

Have you been to London? What was the highlight of your trip?

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