Check out the West African Country with 2 Names – Ivory Coast/Côte d’Ivoire

Call it Ivory Coast like the Anglophones or Côte d’Ivoire like the Francophones. This African country is popular among Ghanaians who are looking to go on a quick break or AIESEC students going on volunteer mission from Nigeria. If you are headed to Ivory Coast, here are a few things to do in abidjan and the country before you consider leaving the country back to Nigeria

Things to do In Abidjan

1. Grand Bassam

It is an old colonial town with nice beaches. The national museum of cotumes is also here and the St Paul 5000 seater Catholic Church is located in Pleateau

Accra to Abidjan

2. The Plateau Abidjan

It is the central business district with governmenr and international offices

Accra to Abidjan Bus

3. Basilica of our lady of peace, Yamossoukro

This was the highlight of my trip to Ivory Coast . Thed baslica is such a fascinating ediface. I actually spent about an hour after the offficial tour guide just sitting in the church admiring the architectural beauty. Ladies must cover themselves well. Wear skirts or dresses which are not above the knees and the upper part must also be covered too.

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4. Treichville

.Ferry Ride Between Pleateau and Triechville

The Ebrie Lagoon kind of divides the city of Abidjan into two. There arre ferries that connects you from Pleateau to Triechville for 200CFA


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St Paul’s Cathedral Abidjan

Accra to Abidjan Bus




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