Finding your way to a great beach experience at Tarkwa Bay

No kidding, I have had more than 20 People ask me for directions to Tarkwa bay and I know it has taken me a bit longer than it should but I am doing this so that the next time someone asks me, my lazy self can just send a link and spare myself the stress of typing so much especially as I just got my nails done and typing been more stressful than it ordinarily should.

How to get to Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa bay is a small Island, that plays home to a community of largely Egun people and a pretty nice beach. Most people who head out there go just to have a bit of time out of Lagos. Obviously since it is an island, you can only get there by boat   scratch that if you have faith, you can definitely walk on water. If not, here are a few ways to get to Tarkwa Bay Island.

Tarkwa Bay Directions

I have been to the Island through these different means and recommend whichever you feel most comfortable with.

1. Check Point Jetty/Napex Car Park

My first time ever at Tarkwa bay was for a sleep over with my best friends some times in 2012, we went through this jetty which is just after Bonny Camp whilst coming from Ahmadu Bello Way or Ozumba Mbadiwe Road. There are always a lot of soldiers o you just cannot  miss it. It has been a bit so I really cannot remember how much I paid, however from enquiries I made from those who have used the jetty recently, It costs 2,000 Naira for a return trip.

2. CMS Jetty

It took a couple of years after my first visit for me to make my return to Tarkwa Bay.  My second time and a couple of times after, I went through the CMS jetty. This jetty is pretty obvious and almost anyone can show you where it is just in case you miss it. Once you spot the oil vessels, it is easy to trace the jetty.

Tarkwa bay directions

You would most likely be dropped off on the other side if you come by public transport or a ride sharing platform. Just take a short walk on the pedestrian bridge to the other side. I recommend these as there is hardly parking space, plus it is not the safest part of town to have your cars parked. For 300Naira, you get a one way trip to the Island on one of these locally made speed boats.

Tarkwa bay boat

Be sure to get a life jacket and a good one like mine from the operators.  I was definitely not wearing one of those clog looking excuses for a jacket. The boat makes two stops and you can either drop off at the dock leading to the settlement and take a walk to the beach front or just make your drop off at the beach. I enjoyed dropping off with the locals and having a nice walk to the beach with this man who was born on the bay and had lived all his life there.

How to get to Tarkwa bay

I particularity love the views on the less than 20mins trip to from CMS, the blue sky blending with the deep blue sea and an amazing view of construction works undergoing at the Eko Atlanic City is quite amazing.

Tarkwa Bay

3. Fiki Marina

Just Adjacent the Nigerian Law School,  directly under the Falomo bridge on Ozumba Mbadiwe road is Fiki Marina.

Fiki Marine

The Fiki Marina fleets are definitely more comfortable compared with the others. A return trip on Fiki Marina costs _ Boat leaves almost every hour on weekends and last boat heads out of Takwa bay at about 6:30 so be sure not to be carried away with all the fun and entertainment on the beach and miss your return trip back to Victoria Island.

Fiki Boat

Tarkwa Bay Entry Fee

I have never paid an entry fee at Tarkwa Bay maybe because I would usually go through the community, however the last time I was there, there were Agberos (local touts) harassing people for money, there is no proper gate to the beach so most people simply walk away. I was on a daycation my last time, the package included the entrance fee. I have however been informed that entry fees could range from 200-300Naira.

Tarkwa Bay Entry Fee

Tarkwa Bay Beach House

There are beach house rentals on the bay just in case you would like to spend the night or the weekend. The beach rentals costs 60,000 Naira for Chalets and 40,000 Naira for a double room on weekends. There is a 20,000 Naira reduction for weekday bookings.

Tarkwa Bay Boat

Depending on what you are comfortable with, you can choose one of the options  indicated above.

Tarkwa Bay Boat

There are a lot of beach activities  to engage in from beach volley to footie to surfing, just be relaxed and have a great time. Food items are sold at the bay but be sure to bring your games and lunch box, I almost always do this, it enhances my beach experience. It is important to note that the beach huts and chairs are for rent, ensure you bargain before you use them to avoid any hassles.

Nigerian Travel Blogger

The beach is a low tide one and relatively safe, be sure to head there with your swim suit and trunks or get one there. Artifacts and coconut water are also some of the wares on sale at the beach bay.

Tarkwa Bay

Apart from these options, Radission Blu provides a boat on request for its guests to the bay, Tarzan Jetty also operates boats to Tarkwa Bay. Have you tried any other means? I would like to know.

Radisson Blu Lagos

If you read my posts regularly, you know sunsets are my absolute favorite and this one wasn’t a bad view to end your beach day.

How to get to tarkwa bay

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