Sometimes, all you have to do is ASK!

If there’s something I’ve learnt in my short time living in the US is that you ask. If you don’t, you most likely would not get. You will not only stay ignorant but you will not get what you want – Answer or Something.

Studying here, a lot of things will fly above your head, a lot of references will be made and you won’t be able to relate with them, people will laugh and you will not understand why. There are no stupid questions. Just Ask

Although, I’m not over this yet, although I’m saying ask but it’s not that easy, I was in class today , I had a question but still didn’t ask. But the thing is I got a thé courage to ask for something else outside class and Yes I got it

its either a Yes or No. You either ask a smart question or you ask a question that you think might be dumb. The thing hère however is that no one makes you feel like you asked a dumb question, I’ve seen it happen.

No Professor discourages you, I’ve listened to questions I’ve asked in class via class recordings and thought that wasn’t so smart but at the point no one made me feel that way.

Even though I still don’t have the courage to ask all the questions, I’m working on it. I am asking it, One question at a time.


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