Skinny Dipping at Gurara Falls

After seeing Zuma Rock and being on the outskirt of Abuja already. I decided to stretch my visit to Niger State to see the Gurara Falls since it was recommend as a must see by my Instagram followers. It took about an hour drive to get to the site from Madalla and except for a lot of road blocks there was really nothing exciting on the way.

Gurara Falls

On getting there, it took another 30 minutes lengthy walk which no one in their many descriptions prepared me for to get to the falls. It costs just a token of 500naira to gain access at the gate.

Gurara Falls

I finally got to the falls after hearing a bit of water rumbling from a little distance away. The site was however quite deserted, most likely because I was there on a week day. I had the place all to myself apart from the tour guide and a couple of kids who were swimming and thus decided to find my fun.

Gurara Falls

Gurara Falls

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My Gurara Falls experience was more like a waterfall hike as I did a lot of climbing. There weren’t really any stories to share about the place when I asked the guide, however, he took me round and I would say we it was quite a bit of adventure.

Gurara Falls

Gurara Falls

The heat in Niger state is nothing close to what I have ever experienced anywhere in Nigeria and I could literally smell the heat such that I just had to take a dip after my site tour. Although I had earlier read a sign that stated that swimmers do so at their risk but I just had to plunge. What was the worst that could happen anyway?

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Although I was skeptical about going in at first because I felt the water was dirty but seeing the water was clean at the top, the color could only be due to the impact of the water with beach sand which I found in between rocks.

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I had a refreshing dip and thankfully I had change in clothes. I went all the way back to Abuja glad that I had crossed Skinny dipping off my bucket list. What activities would you like to try when you travel?



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  • Reply Jadesola June 3, 2016 at 1:54 pm

    You’ve delivered beautifully on this as usual, I’m a water fan, any activity that includes water excites me. So skinny dipping? Oh yea!!!

    • AE
      Reply AE July 5, 2016 at 9:59 pm

      Thanks Jadesola!

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