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If you don’t know, These Road Travel Etiquettes are a must

Road Travel isn’t one of the most comfortable means of travel and the truth is not everyone enjoys the ride especially when the trip runs into hours. Here are a few road travel etiquettes that are an absolute must. If everyone reads this, I’m sure I’d groan less during my road travels but most importantly, you’d help you and the other passengers have a stress free travel.Road Trip Etiquette NO UNNECESSARY STOPS

No jokes, Road tripping especially long trips can be tiring and everyone on the bus would usually want to get to their destination as soon as possible. Try not to be the one calling for bathroom breaks after every few hours or asking the driver to make a stop because you want to get something off road side merchants or hawkers. It does everyone a lot of good if you minimize food and water intake before or during road trips. Call for stops only when you absolutely must.

Road Travel Etiqutte


This must be one of the very few things I would use the word hate for. I really hate it when a fellow passenger is trying to get comfortable at my expense. Its totally wrong for you to inconvenience your fellow passenger for your own convenience.

This goes to passengers who feel the need to sleep and rest their head on the chair in front of them while making it almost impossible for passengers sitting in front to rest their head or back on their seat. I find it disturbing. If you sleep a lot why not consider a widow seat so you can lean on the window.


As much impossible, do not spill over to someones space, do not lean or rest on someone else, if sleep is inevitable, find a position that you can be comfortable in, try not to dose on someone else. Its improper. If you’re seated beside me, I would legit wake you up and give you the eye.

This also goes to guys who are fond of spreading their legs out, sitting in between two guys can be a night mare and I always try to avoid this. As little as it is, this infinitely annoys me. Guys! How hard is it to put you legs together? I really want to know, maybe  I would be less annoyed if I figure its absolutely unavoidable.


When traveling with a friend, there’s a temptation to chat or gist through the trip, this is very cool, you got you a travel buddy, thumbs up, but be sure to be considerate. Shouting and Laughing loudly is soooo not cool. Keep it hush hush.

Noise disturbs other passengers who are trying to get a nap or rest, do some thinking, read a book or simply have a quite time. Plus we don’t care if its a bunch you just met on the bus and you all seem to have kicked off quite quickly.

Keep it down! If you are using headphones, keep your music to yourself, other passengers are probably disgusted my your choice of music, why torment them.


I’ve seen a lot of people look into my phone or laptop while on a bus, this is downright invasive, Its highly intrusive  to be peering in someones phone and following their conversions with someone else, I know getting on a road trip can lead to endless bring hours, however find a way to keep yourself busy. Stay out of someone else’s business.


I know this might be a little bit hard but if you are a little on the plus side, why not be comfortable and pay for an extra seat. It is not rocket science. Rather than squeeze people like me, why not do the right thing.

This also goes to people traveling with more than 1 kid, it’s completely bizarre  that some people would try to squeeze three children together with themselves in one seat.

People like this just assume that the passengers seated beside them would help out. I’m like I don’t care about your kids fam, I didn’t pay full price for inconvenience.

Most times they ask nicely and  you really have no choice but no one should think a passenger is obligated to carry their kids. Anyone tries this with me is a goner. Lol.

I know this post sounded more like a vent, well its one too many travels with these set of people. This is me wishing that the next passenger seated beside me would have read this and taken note. Help make this possible my clicking the share icons. XOXO

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