Religious Tourism in Egypt

Religious tourism is the oldest type of tourism all over the world. Religion has a significant importance in the lives of adherents and has a substantial impact on the daily life of most people.

Hanging Church, Old Cairo, Egypt

Hanging Church

Every religion leaves behind a group of relics and heritage which adherents visit just because they have a sort of spiritual connection to the place and others because the religion specifies visits to such places as worthy.

Religious tourism is an important part in the lives of Muslims. Every Muslim who is physically able must perform the Hajj once at least in her/his life or perform Umrah in Mecca as Hajj is one of the fundamental rituals of Islam

I was fascinated to see the well, where the holy family drank from and the spot here Jesus Christ was laid as a child and I felt quite a spiritual connection there, being within meters of where the proponent of my religion was was quite thrilling.

The hanging church

The well the holy family drank from

Where Jesus Christ laid as a child, Hanging Church

My trip to Egypt was more historical than spiritual. However, since I was already there, I decided to do a bit of religious tours. I wasn’t only at Christian sites cos I’m Christian and although my mum would not approve, I was also at a mosque. This for me, was more out of sheer curiosity than spiritual attachment or significance and it was really nice to see people worship in a whole different way.

Religious Tourism

Mosque of Amr ibn al-As


Although I’m not Muslim I have friends who are and respect the religion a lot. I decided to do a bit of cover up and I think I blended well or what do you guys think?

Mosques in cairo

Tourism in egypt

Egypt has got spiritual significance for Christians and Muslims and although I’m not too conversant with the Jewish religion for Jews too. Pertaining to Christians, some of the most remarkable events in the bible took place in Egypt particularly with Moses and Jesus Christ and I was thrilled to see places aI read about in books while growing up. I did a hike up Mount Sinai which was where Moses received the 10 commandments and this was the highlight of my stay in Egypt and which I will be sharing in subsequent posts.

Have you ever traveled for religious reasons? Do you intend ever traveling for religious reasons?  I’d love to know!

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