I think I’m about to ruin my life ?

Ok so may be I’m exaggerating a little bit and you’ll probably call me the last one to get on the bandwagon but who cares anyways. I downloaded Netflix and I’m currently on the free trial period. I tried using it for one day, internet was too crappy, kept buffering and I just couldn’t deal.


Here comes over a week later, yesterday to be precise. I got an email that I could download certain TV series, movies or shows on Netflix. It’s been 24hrs and I’ve watched about 16hrs of Money Heist. I’ve had about two weeks of holidays but why am I just discovering this now ?? School and Work resumes in a few days and I’ve now got a few series on my 2 watch list. This isn’t a good way to start the year ?

Im out guys

Season 2, Episode 8 Begins ?

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