Lessons from Hiking Mount Sinai in Egypt

Like I said, in my post here, hiking Mount Sinai is by far the most strenuous physical activity I have been involved in and here are a few lessons I learnt. Which I think are worth sharing.

hiking mount sinai

1. Be Thankful

The fact that you are reading this means you can read, write, have access to electricity and internet, you are in a better position than majority of the people in the world and you are not necessarily better than them. The tour guides who helped us up the mountain in my opinion had one of the not so great jobs in this world.

My climb up the mount was fun and a milestone, but they have to go up and down the mount under hash conditions to have ends meet.  I’m sure not so much of the 250EGP which I paid for my tour gets to them and they mostly get off through tips from tourists. Worse are the bedouins who offer camels for rides and may or may not get tourists to climb up their camels for a ride. I mean I didn’t see anyone on my trip who patronized them.

2. Its ok to PAUSE not STOP

In pursuit of our life goals, there are times we are weary and all signals points towards stopping, DONT! Its ok to take a break and catch your breath, get a stronger resolve and shoot.

When hiking, I was tired and exhausted but my mindset kept me moving. I PAUSED to catch my breath, what I did not do was STOP. Also, I really did not want to have to write a blog post about my failed attempt at hiking Mount Sinai and this kinda kept me going.Have something to hold on to, a mantra, whatever keeps you moving.

3. You’re not Alone

We all need help, Don’t hesitate to ask. There is no saying that there are things that we can achieve on our own, but sometimes we need to let someone in, brainstorm together, pick someones brain, a little nudge might be all you need.

I’m sure without my guide I definitely would not have made it and Although I’m sure he’d probably not see this, I really appreciate his help as he was a key factor to my success.

Till my next hike guys!

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