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There is no talking about the arts and creative scene in Accra without mentioning this coastal area in the city. The little town called James Town. James Town  a largely fishing community and one of the oldest districts of Accra predominated mostly by the Ga. This town houses a lot of remnants from the colonial pasts including the James Fort Light house and is a popular destination for tourists.

James Town

James Town

James Town also once a year plays host to creatives from West Africa and all over the world for the annual Chalewote Street Art Festival where street art, music and art performances are on full display. It is alo interesting to note that the popular Azonto dance originated from James Town. I went on a walking tour of James Town with my friend and it was quite interesting. Careful with your camera and phones, i was told a couple of times that photos were not allowed especially of the lighthouse which I till managed to capture.

Chale Wote

James Town Accra is also the home of boxing. It is popular knowledge in Accra that you do not go into combat with someone from James Town no matter how tiny they look, you shall be disgraced I was told. There are several boxing gyms where people learn boxing and I saw various bouts promotions. In the streets, you would also see a number of people boxing. I saw a certain guy training with the air in front of him but for fear of being used as a punching bag, I refrained from taking a photo of him. I still loved how perfectly chiseled my face was and my dentition looked awesome the way they currently were.

James Town

James Town is popular in Accra and just about anyone can give you directions. You can either hail a cab, or get on one of the blue buses called Tro-Tro. If you happen to see a bike around, stop one and tell him you are headed to James Town. It is also a nice location to take photos for the gram. Do not hesitate to take some and tag me in them @findingae.


I also made a stop by the Artiste Alliance Gallery (free to enter) but I was  not really impressed, I mean, after waltzing four floors of Nike Arts Gallery in Lekki Lagos,I think my taste is now at an all time high.

Artiste Alliance Gallery

Just in case you would like to stop by, it is located at La Rd, Accra Ghana.

Artiste Alliance

Hanson Agyei

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