Exploring the River Niger and River Benue Confluence

Growing up in school, I’m sure we all learnt about Mungo Park, River Niger and River Benue, if I’m not mistaken, it must have been in Social Studies Subject. I was in Kogi State also referred to as the Confluence state and it’d definitely have been an abomination ? to leave the state without visiting the Confluence.


Confluence means a place where two rivers meet and on this day I set out to see where River Niger and River Benue, the the two largest rivers in West Africa meets. I set out on the voyage Mungo Park took centuries ago which was completed by John and Richard Landers.

river niger and river benue

I woke up early and took a cab from Okene Town to Lokoja which cost 500naira and 2hours. The cab was one of the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been in with 4passengers behind and two in front my experience was harrowing but  I had no choice but to endure.

Lagos to Kogi State

I had told the driver where I was headed so he gave me directions. I dropped at  Ganaja junction and took a bike which cost 150naira to Ganaja village. On getting there I was told there are no passenger boats to the confluence, rather I’d have to take a charter which cost 5,000naira. The passenger boat were crossing to a nearby village.

River Niger and River Benue

After haggling, we eventually settled for 2,000naira but being a cheap skate, I left and decided to go find a cheaper means.  At the river bank, I saw people going about their normal business and watched keenly how, lorries and  passengers being transported on water.

Kogi State

I also noticed some canoes by the bank and decided to approach one of the fishermen who agreed to take me to the confluence while he fished. The experiences we get for free right? 😀


I expected to see a distinction between the two rivers just like other confluences that I had seen but, I saw none. The point just looked like one large body of water. I was a bit disappointed but the calmness I experienced where the two largest water bodies in West Africa meets was worth the sojourn.

I was also excited to have also completed my expedition and just like Mungo Park and I hope someday my story will also be taught as part of Nigeria’s history. ?

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