Making your way to Port harcourt from Enugu; Possible options!

Upon returning to Enugu after my Trip to Obudu, I had to be at work the following day but couldn’t get a seat on a flight back to Lagos being the holiday season. I made the trip from Enugu to Port harcourt and I’m putting this information out there for anyone who might want to head out from Enugu to Port harcourt. I’d really love to know if you found this useful.  Do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

Enugu to Port harcourt

There are obviously two ways of making the trip from Enugu To Port Harcourt. Flight or Road. I have tried to explain briefly how you can make the trip using these means of Transportation.

Enugu to Port harcourt Flight

There are probably a bunch of Airlines that do this route but I am only sure of Air Peace. I would however not recommend this. It is a waste of time and resources. A return trip grosses about 120,ooo Naira and there is a stop over in Lagos. The trip takes a total of about 14hrs with a stop in Lagos and unless you have a phobia for road travel in Nigeria, this doesn’t make sense if you ask me. Road transport is definitely the better option.Enugu to Port harcourt flight

Enugu to Port harcourt by Road

I went by road transport. I usually like to travel by road because I am trying one post at a time through my travels to fill the information gap on travel by road in Nigeria. Most people can only afford road travel and there isn’t a lot of information out there for road travelers in Nigeria.

In Enugu the roundabout below called _ is a popular one and any taxi or tricycle can take you there to get a bus or car heading from Enugu to Port Harcourt.

Enugu to Portharcourt

Peace Mass Transit (PMT) is the popular transportation company in the region and there are two offices located in Enugu. The PMT exactly at the roundabout has the ticket station for Port harcourt. The trip to Port harcourt from Enugu costs N3,000 only.

Enugu to Port Harcourt

Although PMT is recommended, I did not use them. The last bus had just left and I was going to be the first on the next 14 seater bus. It was evening and considering I didn’t know when the bus would get filled up, I opted to use an unnamed carrier just outside the Peace Park which takes 6 people. The driver was hailing passengers and I approached him to negotiate. It was a N2,500 fixed price. I sat in the front and that must have been the most comfortable road travel experience I had in that region.

Enugu to PH

 How many hours from Port harcourt to enugu by road

The trip took about 4 hours with no hassles. It was a smooth one and asides from a little heat which is of course to be expected. There was not much to be concerned about and the road was pretty much in good condition.

Enugu to Owerri

My Trip from Enugu to Port Harcourt was through Owerri so I am pretty sure there will be buses or taxis heading to Owerri from Enugu at the roundabout.


I have been to Port harcourt a couple of times and if you are there for a bit, you should totally check out my Guide on things to do in Port Harcourt City

Enugu to Port harcourt



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