District Six Museum

There is history in the whole of South Africa. Where ever you turn to, in the streets, in the stalls, on the faces of people, everywhere. There are also museums everywhere and almost at every street corner. Museums have become an institutionalized structure and the arts and history of Africa is profoundly expressed therein.

District six museum

There are a lot of museums and I visited quite a handful from Nelson Mandela Museum which I blogged about here, Robben Island Museum, Castle of Good hope, Capetown museum and planetarium. Unfortunately pictures are not exactly allowed but in District 6 pictures are.

District Six Museum

District Six museum shows a detailed overview of how one lively and close knit multicultural neighborhood was destroyed and dispersed due to apartheid and Cape Town municipality’s plan to build a physical barrier between the white urban areas and barren outlying areas.

District 6 museum

The first to be forced out were black South Africans who were displaced from the District in 1901. More than 60 000 people were forcibly removed and had their houses in District Six flattened by bulldozers after being declared a white area.

District six demolition plan

The floor of the museum is covered with a big map of the district with hand written notes of former inhabitants. Other pieces in the museum are old traffic signs, photographs, paintings, artifacts, physical remains like street signs, books and studies as well as audio-visual recordings of District Six, most of which were donated by its former residents and their descendants.

street signs at district six

Hand writing on the floor at district six

If it was during the Apartheid era, I would definitely have been jailed merely for siting on this chair just cos of the color of my skin.

Apartheid in capetown

The museum represents a living memorial and is more than just a static display. Through this space visitors navigate deeper into the lives of ex-residents, giving insight into their social, cultural, economic and political experience. It acts as a vehicle for advocating social justice, as a space for reflection and contemplation.

District Six

District Six

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  • Reply Ojo olushola. March 25, 2016 at 11:15 pm

    Wao! U got a lot of dig up there. Love this write up. Very informative.. Discrimination is a disease among white … It was bad we suffered that cos of the color of our skin …. Pray we don’t need the likes of Trump anymore …..

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    I love it,it’s cool,just try and put more effort to what you doing and I know sky is just the starting point for you.

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      Thanks Tolu…Will do

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    I’ve been to museum buh wah am seeing here is well detailed I wish I could come see for myself… U r really doin a great job keep it up n God be with u all the way…….

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      Thanks so much…Amen

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