Day Trip to Lekki Conservation Center

I was at the Lekki Conservation Center but just like I said in my previous post, I just could not find the pictures I took on my laptop. Surprisingly  I found them few hours ago just sitting in a folder on my desktop after few months of searching and felt  it was time to put them up.

Lekki Conservation Center , Lagos

The Lekki Conversation Center is a biodiversity conservation and environmental awareness center located towards the end of Lekki, after Cheveron Bus Stop, just before the 2nd Toll Gate and was established a little over two decades ago. The center  protects the wetlands of the Lekki peninsula which consists of swamp and savannah habitats.

It costs 1,000 naira to gain access to the center and an extra 1,000 naira for visitors interested in doing the canopy walk which is a recent addition and is the longest in Africa. Children are however allowed to pay a discounted rate of 200/300 naira depending on their ages.

longest canopy walk in africa

The Lekki Conservation Center is a huge landmass and I recommend about 4hours to be able to take in all he sights and sounds and maybe squeeze in a little picnic after the climb. The canopy walk is about 22.5 ft high and has got 7 levels with 6 resting point. There are tour guides in green outfits who meet you up at the canopy walk once you have the appropriate wristbands which indicates payment for the tour.

Lekki Conservation center

lekki conservation center gate fee

the longest canopy walk in africa

Just before the climb, there is an important notice indicating age restrictions, warnings and safety precautions which should be read before climbing. It also says that those who are acrophobic (people with fear of height) should not climb. Not to worry, take it from me its not that scary plus there is no better way to conquer such fear than to take on the challenge and breakout of your comfort zone.

Lekki Conservation Center

I expected to see a couple of animals in their natural habitat but just like my first time sometimes in 2014, all I saw were a couple of monkeys swinging from branch to branch obviously having the time of their lives.

caanopy walk in africa

There is the out door area which has thatched huts for relaxation and a games arena, the volley ball court and the arena could however use some maintenance as its quite busy.

Lekki Conservation Center

Lekki Conservation Center

Climbing the canopy walk and surfing through the Lekki Conservation Center was really fun and we didn’t realize it was getting dark.

Longest canopy walk in africa

lekki conservation center

The management was kind enough to send someone to come looking for us and the gesture was really appreciated cos its a hell of a maze in there and we sure would have gotten lost trying to find our way.

Lekki Conservation Center

We were at the Conservation Center on a week day and the traffic from Victoria Island to Lekki was Hellish. I’m really excited that the roundabouts are being removed as this will really decongest traffic on the highway. However, I’d still advice that you set out early if you plan visiting.

I was the on a trip with a friend and he made a pretty cool video of our adventure together. Kindly sacrifice a few megabytes 😉 and watch. I’d love to know what you think.

Have you been to Lekki Conservation Center? What was your experience like? Did you love it? Do you think more could be done? Kindly Share!

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  • Reply Joy October 24, 2017 at 2:19 pm

    Lovely blog you have here. Exploring LCC is one thing I do look forward to doing while in Lagos 🙂

    • AE
      Reply AE November 26, 2017 at 7:24 pm

      Thank you Joy! You totally should

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