The Corona Virus Effect; I got fired while vacationing in London

If I am being honest, the email did not say I was outrightly fired. To me, it was pretty much the same thing though. It was more subtle but the bottom line was, I no longer had a job due to the Corona Virus. How do you react knowing that you have spent a huge sum of money on a trip only for you to get back and you no longer have a source of income. I had bought my first ticket, which by the way I couldn’t fly on because I didn’t have an Irish transit visa for about $750 and I had gotten a second one which eventually took me to London for a little above $600. Accommodation costed $100 a night and I was spending a week in London. I’ll leave you to do the maths.

Corona Virus

While I let nothing get to me, the news did get to my spending habit. I had lost my job due to Corona virus but I wasn’t letting it ruin my spring break. I was having the time of my life and nothing was going to stop me. I went out as I would normally would just did not shop and spend on unnecessary items as I probably would have. It was not the end of the world, I was living life as I knew how to Corona Virus or not.

Corona Virus

No one knew what happened except my girls back in the U.S. Bottom line is we are all struggling with one thing or the other. No one has everything figured out, we probably never will. I continued posting on my Instagram like nothing had happened. Come rain or sunshine, I will continue living my best life, I will continue traveling no matter what life shoves in my way. Social media shows the best and not the worst, remember that the next time you are comparing your life to that of anyone else.

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