Learning how to make chocolate at Claudio Corallo

Claudio Corallo is an Italian chocolate maker but more a chocolate factory in Sao Tome. He has a passion for coffee and cocoa and has pursued it early in Africa, first in the Democratic Republic of Congo and later in Sao Tome and Principe, where he has two plantations and a factory in the capital.

There is a little tour which to me is actually a sales pitch. It is one of the few things to in Sao Tome so I went for it. Its a sit in tour actually so there is really no moving around as I thought it would be. The tour presented by Petra who is multi lingual.

She takes you not only through the history of the institution but also the chocolate production process, from the developing bean to the world renowned chocolate which it is. The tour is more of a factory visit and chocolate tasting. You do not see workers in action or the chocolate making process.

Claudio Corallo
Claudio Corallo is located on the only major street in Sao Tome facing the water front. The firs time I went there, there was no one to attend to me and the gate was locked. I recommend asking for their contact from your tour guide or hotel reception.

Claudio Corallo

You might want to wear a socks when visiting as we were required to take off our shoes before entering the factory which was actually more of a laboratory.

Claudio Corallo

Claudio Corallo

I had about 10 different variety of chocolate all made at the Claudio Corallo factory there in Sao Tome, my favorite being  “Ubric” -“drunken raisen”

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Sessions which take place thrice are often sold out and it is best to have prior reservation made online via e-mail or physically purchase your ticket ahead. I assume they accept walk ins but you might just have to stand through the session. Also, if you have made prior booking or purchased ticket earlier, its best to be there early as seats are limited.

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After tasting, chocolates are available for sale fofr about 4 Euro for a 100g Bar.

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I would however recommend short sentences as I was bored in between translations. The session took approximately 2hours so if you’re in Sao Tome and have some spare time, do not hesitate to check it out


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