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Learning All that is to Drums at the African Drum Festival

Home is Abeokuta and I am hardly ever there! I got the opportunity to visit last year during the African Drum Festival 2018 with a few friends and we sure did have a great time . The African Drum Festival Ogun State is aimed at showcasing Africa’s Drum culture. The Festival I attended which was the 3rd edition had drummers from 20 African countries and many states of the federation participate.

African Drum Festival

The festival was  introduced by Governor Ibikunle Amosun-led administration in 2016 and was chaired last year by Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka. This year, the deputy governor, Mrs Yetunde Onanuuga  is at the helm of affairs and it promises to be a great time.

Africa Drum Festival 2018

The festival usually takes about 3 days and during my time at grand finale last year I learnt that  Drums are not only for entertainment, but also used for cultural and socio-economic promotion. Drums also exists in various types across the African continent and I saw not just a lot of drums but different different varieties than I had previously  seen.

Africa Drum Festival 2019

I also tried my hands on learning to drum and loved the rhythm I produced. The Ogun drum festival holds on the third week of April of every year and it is one you should totally check out. It takes place at Cultural Center, Kuto Abeokuta just close to the MKO Abiola Stadium.

African Drum Festival

Although, the main objective is to begin to position the festival as a tool for education, socialization, cultural and economic advancement, It would also increases the tourism potential and opportunity for the state. I am indeed proud that we have an event which has started and would continue to draw people from all over the world.

African Drum

There was also an Art exhibition where attendants could purchase curated Art pieces with Drums as themes which I really loved.

African Drum Festival 2019

I had a great time at the African Drum Festival 2018, unfortunately I will be unable to attend the African Drum Festival 2019, if you attend, I would really love to know how it went down in the comment section.

African Drum Festival






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