A quick dash through the Egyptian Museum

Sometimes I like to feel deep and when I’m in a new city  get to visit the city museum, don’t get me wrong sometimes it can be really nice and enlightening but that’s if you are able to relate with the history and can understand the significance of it all, but other times it can just be bleeeehh (my unique phrase for not so exciting).

Eyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo was one of the bleeeehh ones :|, I certainly would have appreciated it a lot more if I got me a guide or a history student friend who would have been able to give me a bit of insight. I was there with Shadad and since I didn’t have much time it was a run through for me.


The Egyptian Museum with over 120,000 items is a large one and if you are visiting and really deep into history, culture and want to appreciate your time there, I’d recommend a paid guide or be a cheap skate like me 😆 and get one of the tourist students to give you a tour of the place. Also, be prepared to be there for a while.

Egyptian Museum

However, in my little time, I took quite a number of clicks and here are a few of my favorites;

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

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Gods of Egypt

Egypt Mytology

Ancient Egypt Mythology

Gods of Egypt

The stuff in there are a whole lot and when I was tired, I did a little bit of messing around.

Egyptian Museum

I almost wasted to slip in the coffin like structure just to get a nice picture but on second thoughts. I decided against it, wouldnt want to come out looking like a mummy ;).

Egyptian Museum

Egyptian Museum

It was nice seeing fragments of the Egyptian history, myth and culture. I gained quite a bit of knowledge and able to relate with movies based on Egyptian myths like Gods of Egypt and The Mummy.

findingae (1 of 1)-583

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