Jos Wild Life Park

5 must have experiences in Jos, Plateu State

Whenever I’m in Abuja, I try as much as possible to spring about, meaning do a road trip to a neighboring state and see something different. Just before my trip to Jos, I was in Kaduna which I blogged about here and before then Niger state which I blogged about here.

The about 4hours road trip to Jos was somewhat uneventful. Apart from listening to songs over the stereo and watching the landscape and other commuters, there was not much to it. It however became interesting on entering plateau state. you can just tell by the rock formation that you were inbound a city of rocks, hills and high terrains.

Things to do in jos

Jos Plateu State Nigeria

I stayed in Jos for a weekend. Got in on a Saturday morning and left on Monday. Below  here are a few things I recommend if you are ever in Jos.

Visit the Jos Wild Life Park

The Jos wild life park on Miango road close to the Federal low-cost housing estate is the largest animal park in the country. If you have only seen an elephant on the screens, here is a place you can see one for next to nothing. Entry into the wild life park is 200naira and you have access to see all the animals it offers. There are monkeys, different bird species, lions, reptiles and a host of others.

Jos Wild Life Park

Jos Wildlife Park

Jos Wild Life Park

Jos Wildlife Park

After roaming the park, be sure to get some crafts at the local craft store, they are quite affordable, I got a wallet there for a thousand naira and being the usual me I lost it, if you’re ever there, be sure to get one for me. I’d love to have a replacement. Also have cash handy, although the signs says POS available, it did not work while  was there.

Jos Wildlife Park

Needlessly to say but however, do not expect anything fancy at the park, the facilities are quite old, would be wise to also bring your own refreshment as there’s hardly anything edible to buy.

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Jos Zoo

Not so far away is the Jos zoological garden. Although after leaving a wild life park, there’s almost no point heading to a zoo but if you’re an animal lover, by all means. If you also want to see a bunch of entertaining primates, you should totally go for it. There are more bird species at the Jos Zoo and seeing the monkeys interacting with humans is quite amazing. It was almost like a circus. Do well to go with some bananas and water bottles for the monkeys. They can actually open the caps and help themselves out.

Jos Zoo

Jos Zoo

Jos Zoo

Jos Indoor and Open Air Museum

If you’re into history and arts, then spend a mere 50naira visiting the Jos indoor museum which houses historical Nigerian pieces. On display are artefacts from diverse ethic groups in Nigeria, currency notes that were once mediums of exchange , the largest collection of pottery I have seen in Nigeria and a host of other things.

Jos Museum

Jos Museum



If you have enough time to spare, whisk through the open air museum. On display are the oldest automobiles and trains in Nigeria. Including the automobile presented to Nigeria by Ford Motors on her independence, the first car used in Plateau by miners, and  locomotive trains.





I wanted to take brief flight up these stairs to see what was ahead, the driver who was hired to take me around was however, getting impatient, and tired of my wandering self. If you know, do let me know.


Take a Drive Round the City of Jos

Whilst moving around, you’d no doubt see a bit of the city’s history. Most vivid was the scene of the bomb blast a couple of years ago. A location now filled with petty traders mostly dealing in thrifted items.




Enjoy the Weather

Standing approximately 4,000 feet above sea level. The unique landscape and topography of Plateau State gives it its naturally temperate weather. Be sure to head to Jos with a lot of moisturizer as you’d be needing it.

Jos Plateau State

Where to Stay in Jos

I stayed at Silk Suites located at 1 Davou Mang Street, Zaramaganda-Rayfield Road Jos, Plateau. It has quite a serene environment and the food was fairly ok.

How to get to Jos

Arik is the only airline that flies 3 times a week from Lagos to Jos in Nigeria. The other alternate being to fly to Abuja and then get a car or take a bus into Jos. or better at still, hit the road from whatever part of the country you are in

Whatever you do, Jos is a great place to have a different feel of Nigeria. Ready to haul your luggage halfway across Nigeria. Take the first step. Book your flight here.

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