I Finally made it to Obudu Cattle Ranch; All you should know!

It has been over four years since I wanted to do to the trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch. Even though I was in Cross River State in 2015. I couldn’t make the trip there for reasons I expressed here. I finally took the trip there with the Green Walkers and it was an amazing time.


Obudu Cattle Ranch Pictures

I am currently having issues uploading photos on her but will update soonest, Check out photos here.

I really do not have much to say about my experience there only that you have to go see it yourself to experience it. Words elude me this time. I just have no words to able to describe how close I felt with nature at the Ranch. The pictures I took do not also capture the sheer beauty and all I can do is earnestly urge you to make this once in a life time trip. The various activities including the bird watching, hiking, trekking, swimming, bonfire were amazing and these memories are one that will forever be with me

Obudu Culture

Obudu Cattle Ranch was much more than I thought it was, before heading out there, I thought it was just a resort but on getting there I found out that it was way more than that. It was a community, with people who live their lives and make ends meets. It was a community just like any other where people work and go about their normal business. There is a community church, mosque, school and other similar institutions. The population is not a lot but there are quite a bit of children and of course livestock.

Obudu Mountain

The mountains upon which Obudu Cattle Ranch lies is a vast expanse of land with lush green scenery. It is nature at its best and if you are looking to get away from civilization for a bit, its somewhere worth trying. The Conservation center is also open to volunteers who are willing to commit certain period of time to help the community and the environmental conservation efforts.

Obudu Cattle Ranch Cable Car

The ranch has a cable car and it would have been definitely amazing to  get on a ride just like I did here to see the ariel view of the ranch but the car was not in operation obviously due to lack of proper maintenance. It would have an awesome view few thousand feet above sea level.

Obudu Cattle Ranch Packages

There are several travel agents that package this tour with different add ons and Value Added Services. They usually partner with the Obudu Cattle Ranch Conservation Center to provide these tours. Thus, packages and prices varies. I used the Conservation Center directly thus I paid base price. Note that these tours provide accommodation in shared chalets and not the hotel resort facility with the pool and pictures on the internet

Flight to Obudu Cattle Ranch

There are no flights to Obudu Cattle Ranch unless of course you can afford a $100, 000 for a helicopter trip through the Bebi Air Strip. If you are headed from Lagos, you can find out how I made the trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch here and here.

Obudu Cattle Ranch Weather

Before making the trip to Obudu, I had seen a lot of pictures and stories on Instagram about how Obudu was really cold. I had heard and read that due to the fact that the ranch was on the hills, the weather can sometimes be unbearable. I was in Obudu during Easter Period and I would say that all those claims were exaggerated.

I had packed based on these reviews and I ended up having limited clothing. I had expected an experience similar to my time here  in Egypt but oh well. Daniel our guide from the Obudu Conservation Center however told me that it can be cold there sometimes. I think this will thus depend on the season thus April is highly unlikely to be cold.

Obudu is definately a must and you should visit sometime if you are considering heading. Will I ever head back there? I am not one to head out to places I have already been to, unless of course I its a free trip. Obudu would be a lot more enticing if accessibility is better.

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