Traveling from Kigali To Kampala by Bus

A lot of people travel from Kigali to Kampala by bus. I was in East Africa on a budget hence, flying between the countries was barely an option. There are several bus companies that operate Kigali to Kamapla by bus. I was booking about few hours before my trip and being Christmas period most of the tickets were sold out . I was however approached by an agent of Modern coast which I eventually went with and I dare say they were the best bus company I used.

Kigali to Kampala by Bus

I got my bus ticket which set me back 10,000 Rwandan Francs and boarded the bus at the Nyambugogo bus park. Its quite a popular one and most drivers or motor bikes will easily convey you to the park. I took a night bus just because my time in East Africa was short and I was trying to see as much as possible. I did not at any point feel unsafe.The bus was comfortable and my journey from Kigali to Kampala by bus was hassle free.

Kigali to Kampala by Road

The border was also a piecemeal. There were no hassles of any kind. When we got to the Rwandan side, the driver stopped, asked that we all alight, take our valuables with us to stamp our passports and meet him on the other side. We queued up at the Rwandan immigration border post, got stamped out then walked about 100meters ahead to get  stamped into Uganda and then get back on the bus.

Kigali to Kampala by Road


Gatuna Border

The border post at Uganda was better, properly lighted and maintained than that on the Uganda side. Few minutes into Uganda and my mobile data network went off. All I did before catching some sleep was to go through pictures and memories I had made in Kigali. The journey from Kigali to Kampala by bus took about 9hours. The bus left Nyambugogo park in Kigali at about 10pm and got to Kampala at about 7:00am where I took a motor bike to my final destination.

Kigali to Kampala by road


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