I Survived the Kakum National Park Canopy Walk

Just before visiting Elimna Castle, I was at the Kakum National Park to have an adrenaline rush time. It was a good idea to have this done before heading to the Castles. If not, I doubt I would have had the nerve to do this after listening to the harrowing experiences.

Kakum National Park

Anyways Kakum National Park was my second, my first being at the Lekki Conservation center and it wasn’t all that thrilling. I guess it was because I had tried something similar earlier hence, if you have been on a canopy walk before, I doubt you would have a different experience. You should try other activities they offer. Hiking through the secondary forest and waterfall sounds like fun.

Kakum National Park Price List

If you haven’t tried Canopy Walk or would like to try it regardless, Foreigners are required to pay 60GHC which is equivalent to N4,800 in Naira. This was more than thrice the amount I paid in Lagos and I was definitely not paying that. If you follow me on Instagram, you definitely know what I did. I cannot be black in a West African country and be paying foreigner price. I simply confidently handed the Teller 25GHC and that was it. At that point I was Ghanaian nothing else. My sister did same, got her tickets and we lurked around till it was time for  climb.

Kakum National Park

We went in the craft shops to see if we could get any bargains but prices were high for the same commodities in Nigeria, so we just took a look, appreciated them and left.

Craft Shop

Adejumoke Olopade

Just before the Canopy Walk, our guide gave us a brief introduction. He was talking a bit about plant specie variety and all those stuff that belong in a Biology class and I loosely paid attention.

Kakum National Park

We headed up for our climb and took turns on each of the 7 suspension Bridges of the canopy walk as each suspension can only take a limited amount of people at a time

Kakum National Park

findingae (1 of 1)-51

Company of the other tourists made the Walk fun for me and the contrast between the  blue skys and the green forest was magical. Preety nice landscape I must say

Kakum Canopy WalkThe inscription on the way out read “You Survived” but it was nothing in there required my survival skills. It was not even a test of my fitness so there is no nothing to be scared of. Go ahead and Conquer your fears.

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  • Reply Tamie October 17, 2018 at 1:44 am

    Heard about Kakum but didn’t have time to stop over. I did the canopy walk in Legon botanical center in Accra instead.
    Funny, I haven’t been to the one in Lekki.

    • AE
      Reply AE October 19, 2018 at 9:40 am

      Nice! Since I had done two different canopy walks, I didnt do the one at the botanical garden. I doubt the one at Lekki will be any different.

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