3 Cities and 1 State, visiting family and friends in Illinois

 It took almost a year but I finally did the trip. My sister stays in Illinois and for almost a year now, I have been meaning to take the trip down there. Summer was the perfect time as I was definitely going no where near Illinois during any other time of the year. Short story, A.E and Cold cannot co-exist when absolutely avoidable.


Even during my visits during summer, nights were chilly and on my night out discovering downtown Chicago, I had to maw a quick stop at the store to buy a sweater.


Chicago, Dekalb and Springfield were the cities I visited and I had a great time. I had my best time at Springfield with Oreva and [.]. We roamed the city, took amazing pictures and learnt more about Abraham Lincoln than I had in my entire life. Chicago was amazing also, I had watched a lot of crime movie series that were set in Chicago and I was glad to be visiting in person. Dekalb was rural America and although I am a city girl, I did enjoy the serenity and landscape.


Between [,] and [,], I really loved my time in the [,] Cost, Illinois is [_] hours away from [,] Eastern time and I would totally love to return. The only misrable part of my trip was my flight. my $35. 14 cents cheap skate return ticket eventually costed me about $200 more than I had initially planned.


I stayed with family and friends across these cities thus the only thing I mostly spent money on was food and flight.

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