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Social Media Week Lagos 2018 – CLOSER

This year is the second time I’m attending Social Media Week Lagos, my first being in 2016. It has always been a great time meeting other creatives, networking and learning about what’s going on in the tech space. This years theme was “Closer” and focused on how Technology and Social media has democratized media, allowing people to instantly reach audiences in ways that were impossible.

Social Media Week Lagos

Top on my list when deciding which days of the 5day Social Media Week Lagos event and what particular session is improving my learning curve. I attend classes or events within my niche and try as much as possible to be there on #TravelAfricaDay. This year, I attended classes on travel, social media, technology, copy writing and business and I learnt a whole lot which I intend to use going forward.

Social Media Week Lagos

I also learnt about emerging concepts in the tech space, including but not limited to AI, VR and AR, also how technology has become the cornerstone of customer experience, how it has helped companies, individuals and brands work smarter, to drive personalized efficiencies and deliver value. I also picked up a few applications that help with productivity and aids work. I did not to leave having a bit of fun out, I joined few parties, played games and also won a travel voucher.

Social Media Week

Most importantly I learnt skills that will assist me to navigate our increasingly automated world and  the essence of community and interaction in this digital world. It wasn’t all learning and fun, I also as much as I could used the opportunity to meet like minds who I could learn a few things from going forward.

Social Media Week

Attending Social Media Week Lagos requires a Campus badge which is free if registration is done few weeks prior to the event. Late registration requires a fee, this year it was $4 or 1,500 Naira so if you would like to attend Social Media Lagos 2019. Do not hesitate to register when registration opens. Do follow their Social Media Handle to find out. I’m learning as much as I can, for now with hopes that I will someday, host a session which I will be inviting you all to. Till the xoxo.

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