Exploring the center of Sao Tome island

I had gone North and South. I had been told the Center of the island was worth heading to hence I decided to go. Top on my list at the center of the Island which is called Trindade was to go chasing waterfalls. Sao Nicolau is a village of about a hundred people, the popular waterfall Cascata Sao Nicolau is located here and takes a bit of chasing or searching. The route is however obvious and you can always find your way. If unsure, there just might be locals who will be willing to help.

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Sao Nicolau Sao Tome

After exploring the Cascata Nicolau which we pretty much had to ourselves. We decided to drive around and see other attractions that I had been told about. The Monte cafe is Portuguese for coffee mountain is  an old ware house with a coffee plantation which offers tasting and  tours of the coffee production process. There is also a coffee  museum for those who are keen.

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Center of Sao Tome Island

Bom Succcesso is a nice botanical garden and also a place to visit at the center of the Island. If not for anything, do it for the gram. The likes will come flooding in on your time line. Also, if you’re all about nature, you will definitely love it there. The pictures I was shown made the visit a must for me. I cant really remember who took this photo but this is one of the many flora species at the garden.

Sao Tome

Unfortunately, I was tat the center of Sao tome Island during the independence day celebration which was a two day public holiday hence most places were closed. If you are ever in Sao Tome you should totally try them out. The pictures I saw and stories I have heard about these places from friends make it worth the visit.

Sao Tome Independence



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