Abuja gets a new international terminal

One would be thinking we’d be getting New Airports but I guess a new terminal isn’t that bad. The president, a couple of days back commissioned the new Nnamdi Azikwe Airport International Terminal in Abuja and although I haven’t been there since the commissioning, the Abuja Airport sure looks good in pictures with the new addition.

The photos that I have seen look really nice and our Abuja Airport sure looks like one in the Abroad. I also see a lot of Air conditioning vents and for me that’s a plus ?. If you’re familiar with Nigerian Airporrs you’d know what I’m going talking about.

Abuja Airport

I really wish this type of development that’s been done to the Abuja Airport can be reiterated in Lagos. I’d really love a nice background for my Instagram Photos, I don’t usually bother with Airport photos  in Lagos whenever I’m traveling but if Lagos Muritala International Airport be looking like Abuja Airport , I’d definitely be  doing it for the gram.
Abuja Airport

I only hope  we are able to maintain and it doesn’t look radically different the next time I’m in Abuja. What do you think about the new aaddition to the Abuja Airport.

Abuja international Airport



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